5 factors which force us to fall in love

  1. Openness 

If you are open and you want to communicate, then an object of your attention, most likely, will answer the same. Such is human nature. Of course you shouldn’t spread all the secrets on the first date. The excessive honesty can frighten too. But at least a smile and friendly movement or a simple phrase like « I have left my keys at home again – head full of holes! » will show your interlocutor that you experience emotions too and you have shortcomings as well. It will help her to be liberated and at the same time will add to a better impression of you in her eyes.

When the barriers are broken people meet with ease and find a common language. When you dare to show the vulnerability, the interlocutor accepts it with gratitude and also isn’t afraid to be open up to you as well. And further, under certain circumstances, you, perhaps, may soon fall in love.

Chances to fall in love if the mentioned barrier has been passed very quickly are especially high. Normally we need several weeks or even months to open up in front of well familiar people. And if you have managedget her talking and interested in a conversation, there is already a certain spark existing.

  1. Neighbourhood

There is nothing sensational that people often fall in love with schoolmates, classmates, neighbours, colleagues – generally all those who are seen daily. This method avoids meeting a complete stranger and spending ages to get to know him. Instead, you already have an idea of what the individual is like, based on what you have seen by yourself and also opinions of the surrounding people.Therefore, so many novels arise, for example, that during a television reality shows when the small group of participants lives in the closed space for a long time, someone is likely to fall in love with another.

Even the physical proximity to an object of your attention plays very important role. If at a party you had liked any girl, just approach her and stay nearby, she will notice and may also start approaching. It is much more effective than to smile and make eyes through the whole room.

  1. Resonance

Surprisingly but the more we are sure that we are pleasant to someone, the more this person is also pleasant to us. In his company we feel confident and relaxed, we always know that he will keep up our conversations and will laugh at our joke, we trust him almost in everything – and it inevitably leads to emotional rapprochement. Psychologists call such phenomenon «resonance».

The resonance is peculiar «infection» of the person with the feelings. However, on sincere emotions people are inclined to pay the same.

  1. Similarity 

The more you have in common, such as interests, tastes in literature, favourite music or a habit to have coffee in the morning – the more are naturally the chances of getting attracted to each other. And not only because the general hobby is a great occasion to get acquainted and start a good quality conversation. Even if you know each other for a long time and suddenly you find out that you love same kind of apples or you watch one soap opera, it can become a decisive factor to start rapprochement.

All of us instinctively look for belongings to any group, including to group of interests. At the same time members of one group seem to each other more attractive – in every sense – than any strangers that are not within the group. This mechanism is so deeply «put» in us evolutionarily, that even accidentally having found the general subject for a conversation, two people can fall in love with each other. For this reason, a talk with a strangernormally begins with the questions such as «Do you like that? » or «What do you think of it? Such way we instinctively evaluate whether the person is suitable or not.

  1. External circumstances

All of us saw tens of movies where heroes together fight against invasion of aliens, survive in a flood or just save the world – and then surely fall in love, marry and live long happily even after. Similar plots naturally happen in real life, as it often happens that problems and troubles can rally and even force us to fall in love with the companion in misfortune. Having gone through hard times together, you know that you can rely on the person or perhaps you know that you can work well together.

Very frequently the beginning of the relations can start off from a simply casual complaint about bad weather, the unfair chief, a disease of a dog, etc. If suddenly your interlocutor has had the same problem as you, you will easily «agree» with him and it, in turn, can become the soil for mutual sympathy. A number of researches have shown that the more serious and harsher difficulties you had met, the deeper will be the emotional connection. Having a similar experience, especially not the most pleasurable, can unite the two. Due to the features of our mentality we share the discontent with bigger readiness than pleasure and we react to others troubles more willingly and emotionally than to pleasures.

If you are thinking of winning someone’s heart, consider these 5 factors and think how can you make them work for you. Find out a little bit more about your date and use the information in your advantage. If you do everything right, the chances that she will fall in love with you will drastically increase. However, if love seems like a little bit too much for you at this point of live, enjoy the freedom and find an alternative solution to love and proximity. Address your needs to professional escorts of London. At the following website: you will find an enormous selection of stunning models to each taste. Just be careful, having met one of gorgeous representatives of the industry, you may easily fall in love yourself!!

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