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Erotic Massages Prague – Experience to Remember

Have you decided to experience a proper erotic massage Prague offers? Do not be afraid to discover all kinds of services offered by Prague massage studios and make your stay unforgettable.

Erotic massages bring profound feelings of relaxation and a full range of sensations and extraordinary moments. Have a rest from everyday worries and rush. Sensuous massages help our bodies to get rid of tension and make our minds still and peaceful, which is something that most of us desire. If you are not familiar with this kind of massages, see this website. 

Erotic Massage Prague – Which to Choose?

Let professional masseuses or masseurs spoil your body and mind and forget all your troubles. The vast majority of studios offer the following techniques:

  • Nuru massage – traditional eastern body-to-body technique
  • Soapy massage – body-to-body technique; relaxing for body and mind
  • Tantra massage – more than just sexual release (see this interview for more information)
  • Massage of genitals – provided by a masseuse or masseur of your choice
  • Massage for couples – the best way to boost your sex life

In most salons clients also can ask for a lap dance or footjob.

Abide by the Rules

You always have to observe the rules as a client. Erotic massages do not equal sexual services and oral sex or intercourse by no means is allowed. In case of a proposal of this sort, practitioners can end the massage without returning your payment. 

Use in Medicine

Erotic massages also can be used as a means of treatment of various diseases. The roots of the medicinal usage lie in the antique period.

Historical Practices

In the 16th century, in the period of Renaissance in Europe, erotic massages became a prevalent healing practice to treat female hysteria. The process lay in rubbing of female genitals by a doctor or midwife until the patient climaxed. The state in which women had to be treated by orgasm was even named – it used to be called “suffocation of the mother”. The originator of this designation was an English physician and chemist concerning with female hysteria, Edward Jorden.

However, this method was very time-consuming. These so-called “pelvic massages” could take hours to achieve patient’s climax. For this reason it was necessary to invent massage devices to make the treatment easier. At the outset, these devices were a part of baths in spas and shortened significantly the time needed.

To make the whole situation even easier, the first clock-work driven vibrator was intended in the 1970s. Initially, it used to be used only by physicians. A few years later, a new invention emerged – an electromechanical vibrator. This device was first used to treat hysteria at an asylum in France.

The spread of home electricity at the beginning of 20th century brought vibrators to the consumer market, after which they have become very popular and much more accessible.

Contemporary Treatment

Erotic massages may be used as a supporting treatment for erectile dysfunctions – masseuses, using specific movements, help stiffened areas to release and get the right blood flow, which ensures better reactions of men to sexual stimuli.

They also represent a means of premature ejaculation treatment – a recipient tries to postpone his ejaculation while being massaged.

They also can be very useful as a part of couple sex therapy. Erotic massages for partners help to enliven their sexual life. Nevertheless, in this case it is very important to make an agreement with regard to how the massage will be finished and what the practitioner can do to you and your partner.

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