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How to be better in bed

You’ve probably read loads of those articles that tell you how to become a sex god, but those articles often make it sound like you have to be the fittest and biggest man in the world or else you don’t stand a chance. The reality is that being decent in bed isn’t that complicated, you don’t need to work miracles to make someone enjoy your presence, in reality it is more about making sure you enjoy yourself; here is why.

Practice helps

Of course you will want to have some clue of what you’re doing, and the best way to discover sex is by trying things with new partners. You can hook-up with new partners by using websites like or use any other adult dating sites which specialise into sex. Either that or you can just venture into your closest local nightclub and see where the night takes you. The truth is that you have better chances if you use the internet; but going out to meet people face-to-face will teach you a thing or two about socialising; which is all part of eventually having sex. Practicing sex will help you to be more comfortable with being naked with another person; and that takes more than people think. A lot of us aren’t comfortable with our bodies, and the more we practice being naked the more comfortable we become; which goes a very long way when it comes down to having fun sex.

It’s not all on you

Sex is about two people having a good time. It’s not always up to you to come up with everything, and you would be putting far too much pressure on yourself if you think that you’re responsible for the pleasure of both you and your partner. In reality it is more about how you and your partner act, and as such you can split the responsibility equally between the two of you. Have you ever had nights when the sex just wasn’t good no matter how much effort you put into it? In the end you think it was your fault but if you tried your best then it is more likely that it was your partner’s fault for not trying hard enough. The bottom line is that as long as you show you are having a good time then your partner should also make that effort. It can’t all come from you, sex goes both ways.

Manage expectations

Expectations can really mess us up. We expect to have a great time and as a result we are often disappointed. The thing about sex is that we all expect that we will reach a climax; and we assume that from our partners too. But in reality, there is often the one person climaxing whilst the other is left to finish themselves off. It happens a lot so why expect such good sex with the ultimate climax? Instead why not just see it like that: both of you will have sex, you will have fun no matter what. It might not be the best sex but at least you will get naked for a bit of fun and enjoyment. Don’t expect to be great, and don’t expect that from your partner. Sex is physical but also very psychological; the more your head is charged the harder it is to have a good time. So just take things as they come; enjoy yourself and make sure your partner has a good time but don’t worry too much about them; don’t forget that they can look after themselves too. Focus on having fun and your partner will enjoy your enthusiasm; which will help them to have a good time.

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