How to live a healthy sex life after childbirth

There are several feelings accompanied with childbirth for women. Sometimes, these feeling ranges from being exhausted to feeling overwhelmed. On a bigger picture, the thought of getting your “hourglass” shaped body frequently becomes disturbing, and you cannot help but wonder if you’d ever get that sexy body back. After childbirth, you might begin to undergo physical changes, while you hey chubbier due to the body trying to adjust to its standard shape and secreting nutrients for the baby. While all these are going on, your sex life becomes somewhat boring. Since it won’t be possible to have vagina sex for a whole due to childbirth, sex and other sexually related activities might become less significant. In this case, if not properly managed, some women tend to lose interest in anything sexually related.

So, the If question reads, “How can I stay sexually active even after childbirth?” Irrespective of what you might be feeling at the moment, be sure to note that sexual intimacy is essential in relationships, and it’s worth every penny in building back, and that includes after childbirth. Your postpartum life could be very tasking, especially if it’s your first child; you have no idea how to go about it or how to manage the situation. It becomes somewhat frustrating if your partner isn’t helping matters, and you begin to wonder how ladies in pregnant porn videos manage to stay sane.

Here are some of the ways to successfully navigate the situation


● Find your sexual spark and rekindle it:

Before childbirth, you must have had your sexual spark! Those little details that get you extraordinarily horny and sexually ready, yeah, those are your sexual sparks. It’s true that you just gave birth, and your sensual hormones might not be in their best form, but your sexual spark remains the same. One way to rekindle it is by going for it head-on. If yours is porn, take, for example, pregnant porn; go for it. Consume as much as you can inasmuch as you can get the spark; then, you are good as new. On the other hand, your partner could be your sexual spark; all you need to do is carry them along. Let them help you find that spark, and together you can reignite and enjoy sex once again.

● Get rid of all sexual barriers:

Most times, the problem is not childbirth; it’s psychological. Some women naturally get turned off once they give birth. Some even begin to undergo deterioration in their libido. If that’s the case, then you might want to consult a sex therapist. Or before then, there are some first aid techniques you can place yourself under. So, to get rid of these barriers, you need to let go of even the feeling of exhaustion. Yeah, you read that right. Some women tend to feel exhausted even before doing anything. Most times, the exhaustion is a result of breastfeeding the baby. So, you might want to take some minutes or hours to rest once you breastfeed your baby to regain your strength. It’s somewhat impossible to feel sexy once you are exhausted, so take all the rest you need. You can also watch some pregnant porn videos to blow off some steam.

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