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How to talk to women online

So you’re probably used to talking to the ladies when you go out to bars and club, after all it is not as difficult as some people make it up to be. Everyone is out to have fun so the conversation is easy going, no talking about the serious things in life. Besides, with a few drinks and some loud music, it is easy for two people to get closer to each other just for the sake of understanding each other, and before you even know it those two people are wrapped in each other’s arms. However a lot more people are using online methods to speak to women, and it makes for a different conversation; so let’s find out how it all works.

Online is different

When you’re talking to women online, it often means you’re using a dating website of sorts. It could be that you’re looking for a girlfriend or maybe you’re using adult dating sites to look around for a local fuck. In either case you will find yourself sending messages with your keyboard rather than being face-to-face in the same room. This changes the dynamics of the conversation completely, and some of us are just not used to talk to others remotely. But as some people find it difficult, others find it easier. After all you’re sat down at home chatting comfortably behind your computer, it’s not as stressful as being out there in a crowded place where you can barely hear each other speaking.

Keyboards and webcams

Web chat doesn’t have to be so impersonal, and as such there are tools other than your keyboard that can be used for a nice online chat. Webcams and microphones make the conversation much livelier and more dynamic; and it almost feels like you’re doing the real thing. In fact some people do more than just talking when they find themselves in front of a webcam. It must be something in our nature, sometimes we just want behave naughtily when we’re on the other side of a webcam.

Good behaviour

When it comes to chatting the ladies, it is not much different than talking to men. The more relaxed you are the better, but there are also other factors. People get tempted to talk badly to women because they’ve seen it in porn movies but the truth is that most people simply don’t like being talked down to. The more respectful you are the better, it shows that you are a considerate person and it doesn’t mean you don’t know how to have fun. You can still have a naughty conversation whilst being nice and polite; it’s just a matter of knowing where to draw the line. Just act nice, give the ladies some compliments and start talking a bit naughty to rise the temperature. It’s a progressive process that takes the time it needs so don’t be impatient. Respect the ladies and they will respect you back, you can’t hide behind that screen forever!

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