Intimacy therapy – What does the therapist do to improve your relation?

Let’s talk about intimacy and sexual health. As we know that sexual health is a vital portion of our entire physical and emotional well-being. In case you’re someone who is going through some kind of sexual problem, the last thing that you would wish to do is to talk about the problem with someone. If it is shame that is barring you from seeking help, you need to know that 44% of women and 35% of men report suffering from some degree of sexual dysfunction. Sex or intimacy therapy is designed to dig deeper into the bottom of sexual problems like shame. If you’re wondering ‘what is intimacy therapy?’ here are few things that you should take into account.

Sex therapy – What does it entail?

Speaking with an intimacy therapist or sex therapist is more like speaking with a psychiatrist. But what does sex therapy entail? Read on to know the truth behind this type of therapy.

Sex therapy is similar to therapeutic counseling

As against most people believe, there is nothing deviant, strange or kinky about visiting the office of an intimacy therapist. Sex therapy is not much different from the other types of psychological counseling. This is a type of psychotherapy which considers the potential physical issues. When a couple arrives with some kind of sexual issue, the therapist tries figuring out how each of the partner can be contributing to the building up of this issue. The therapist then examines their behavior, the way in which they interpret their issues and how they think of coming up with worthy solutions.

Is seeing a sex therapist similar to visiting a gynaecologist?

The instance of seeing a sex therapist is almost similar to visiting a gynaecologist for some kind of gynaecological issues rather than visiting a family practice physician. Majority of the sex therapists have a definite kind of awareness of sexuality which rises above the personal experiences and opinions. There are always different choices of way to treat different issues whenever someone presents them to the patients. There are sexological methods for treating different kinds of sexual issues.

Intimacy therapists usually tend to get greater knowledge regarding the physiological procedures which are a part and parcel human sexuality. We tend to work in collaboration with physicians to address the totality of sexual concerns.

Sex therapists or intimacy therapists hold degrees in family and marriage therapy, theology, social work, family therapy and medicine. Make sure you find the best licensed sex therapists in your area.

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