Modern matriarchy: hotwife fetish in family relationships

A hotwife is a happily married woman or friend who has loving support, freedom, choice, and is actively encouraged by her husband to have intimate sexual intercourse with other people. This is a sexual fetish that gives pleasure to both partners in the fulfillment of their fantasies, desires and sexual needs. The term is used in a non-monogamous community and refers to a wife who is in an open marriage or relationship.

An unconventional family model or a return to matriarchy?

As the years go by in a marriage, the fire goes out of a relationship, and a fetish like an amateur hotwife can diversify a relationship. A man wants to see his wife beautiful, sexy in everything and in makeup and clothes. It is difficult to say who was the first to guess about such a development of marriage. But there are certainly advantages for everyone.

When you can diversify your family life with this fetish:

  • when your hotwife sexual fantasies coincided;
  • when you have a quiet family life, you love each other and are not going to get divorced, but just want to add spice to your intimate life;
  • if you have been married for a long time, since this topic is still safe for adults who have known each other for a long time, and the level of trust in such a couples is excellent.

Of course, a hotwife relationship should bring pleasure to both partners. It’s not shopping or a hobby, where your partner can endure shopping or playing baseball for a while.

 Is a man ready to open Pandora’s box?

Before starting a hotwife relationship, a man must be sure that he is ready to plunge into an alternative lifestyle? Is he ready to know, to watch, to see in photos or videos that his wife is enjoying other men?

Despite the fact that hotwife relationships can only exist with the consent of both parties, a man should understand that the woman will be the main one in them. You can choose a date partner or sexy lingerie together, but the wife will never be forced to have sex with someone she doesn’t want to.

It’s also worth understanding that the hotwife fantasy can be very sexy. You can revel in pleasure for months imagining, how your wife flirts with another man at a party, how men turn around after her, how proud you are that your wife seduces and leaves nameless men.

But in reality, everything may not be so hot. If the husband is not a strong enough person, a weak-willed and insecure man, then the presence of a hotwife can poison your soul, turning this loving husband into an evil jealous man with paranoia.

So think carefully before approaching your partner with this life-changing decision.

Relationships that require certain rules

If your couple has come to a mutual agreement to jump into the world of hotwife enjoyment, then there are a few things you need to discuss. You should understand what each of you is ready to go for and make it into rules.

The rules may vary depending on the couples. We all have different preferences, different boundaries and principles. You should arrange this so that in the future the hotwife relationship brings only pleasure for both partners.

First, you both will need to specify, what is allowed in your hotwife lifestyle, and what is private between both of you.

And do not forget that this type of relationship brings pleasure and enjoyment only with the voluntary consent of both spouses.

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