I do wonder how all of these images on social media are effecting our brains. Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook are all bombarding us with visual images all the time. The left and right hemispheres work differently controlling logic and imagination. Our brains are now being served up a whole lot more images that in the past. The written word sparked the mind for millennia, where as now it is as likely to be a picture or video. Surely it must be having an impact. Our real-time image driven world is not some thing we could have ever imagined a only a few years ago and it has certainly had an huge impact on the sex industry. Not just porn but everything. Now you can see images and videos of providers on line before you meet them.

This of course means that you are more likely to know exactly what you are getting, but it could also turn you off from someone who you might have previously wanted to meet as they are producing the images for someone who likes different things. We have all seen makeover programmes and we know how easy it is for people – women especially to change their look radically and completely just with clothes, make up and hairstyling. Imagine an escort girl with Las Palmas Escorts is targeting herself for the corporate market and the potential client browsing happens to like a grungy Suicide Girl? Maybe the escort really is like in real life, but her photos do not project that. Both the escort girl and the client miss out on what could have been a really fun date.

Its now very easy to get sex images anywhere anytime. I am all for getting it out of the closet but looking at escort video on the tube or in the dentist surgery seems a little off to me. A time and a place maybe for everything perhaps? Now I know that you don’t have to look at things if you don’t want to see them but not everyone is a discreet as maybe they should be.

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