Starting out as a stripper

Stripping is more than the glamour and money many people associate it with being and a few dance moves and Instagram selfies likely aren’t going to get you as far as you might think. Instead, stripping requires both a skillset and a healthy attitude to work that must be developed before you integrate into the industry. You can go without, but expect it to be tougher and for a lot more surprises to be thrown at you than you might have otherwise thought. So, where should you start if you’re thinking of joining the industry? In this blog we outline a few tips to help you kick off your stripping career – paying close attention to a few of these is certain to help you strip to your full potential!

Learning how to dance

Although this might seem like a (very) obvious thing to start with, there are undoubtedly those who believe they can get into stripping on looks alone. Although looks can certainly get you noticed, they won’t be counting for much if you pair them with clunky, awkward movements. We’re not talking about just pole-dancing classes, either. A typical strip show in Brisbane will combine sultry dance moves with a liberal heaping of heavy eye contact, smiles, and an acute awareness of your own body. Over the top acrobatics don’t have much of a role to play here, unfortunately. An easy place to start is through watching YouTube video, as these are both affordable and convenient. After you learn some basic dance tips, you can then start considering your brand. How you decide on your aesthetic – or the fantasy you’re trying to portray – will result in different kinds of clients being interested in you. You can go for something mainstream and have more competition from other strippers, or you can go for something niche with a smaller, but more devoted, audience.

Discover what kind of club you’d like to work at

After you’ve nailed all of the little things that create an amazing stripper in the making, you can then start considering the kind of club you’d like to perform at. Start off by doing some research – visit some clubs to see what kinds of environments you feel most comfortable in. These will typically differ depending on what kind of person you are and the approach to stripping you enjoy. It helps to do a broad google search to find clubs in your area, and the websites can give you a head start in helping you know what they’re all about. Keep in mind that if you’re visiting clubs you should expect wildly different things depending on what time of the day it is. For example, visiting a club at 2pm on a Wednesday is not going to give the same impression as 11pm on a Saturday.

What kind of stripper are you?

Learning how to properly dance, developing your image and figuring out the ideal  club you want to dance in are all part of every prospective stripper’s journey, and investing time in these suitably will ensure you can become the best stripper dance possible. At the end of the day, stripping is about selling your time and company, and to this end it is a competitive sales job. If you put in more effort than others, you’re going to have far more chances to succeed.

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