The Most Effective And Safest Ways To Store Your Sex Doll

It is not a rare occasion to see people own a sex doll in our modern society. The best sex dolls out there have become a source of fun and excitement for many people during their leisure time. Different people own a sex doll for different reasons, some reasons could be: being in a long distance relationship (for example, couples who have their partner in service), just wanting to explore sexual fantasies, or even couples who want to spice up their relationship without involving a third party. One of the things that make love dolls so great, is the fact that you are safe from any kind of sexually transmitted diseases.

Storing a doll(custom sex dolls especially) is one of those strange things you might not actually consider until it becomes an issue. However, it’s possible that you were looking to buy a sex doll at the time and happened onto this by chance. Considering this possibility while buying is a smart idea, as it may have an impact on which sex doll you purchase. Maybe the case is that you already own a sex doll and have been having trouble finding a suitable storage for it. You’ve come to the right place if you’re seeking for information or tips.

In this article, we will discuss the various ways to store your sex doll and the main reasons why a suitable storage solution should be sorted. By the way, If you still haven’t any dolls, you should consider buying a silicone sex doll as your first doll to make a life change!

Ways To Store Your Sex Doll

Your first thought when it comes to storing your sex doll is that, you could simply just leave it in your bed. What better place to leave it if not your bed, you might think. But in the long run, it becomes impractical.

People might come to visit you, and it will be a bad idea to have your sex doll just in the bed. You may even need to hide it away if you have a real woman over for the night. Most manufacturers warns that their sex dolls shouldn’t be left in a place for too long as this can cause gradual degradation of the materials used in making them. Imagine yourself laying in one place for an extended period of time, you don’t want to know what happens to your joint. This is the same with TPE and silicone sex dolls.

So if you can’t store or just leave your sex doll in your bed all the time, what is your storage choice? Well, you’ve got two options, you either store it standing or lying down.

Keeping your doll standing is a good alternative to storing it. You will need to find someplace large enough – you don’t want your sex doll touching the walls for an extended period of time – emphasis on large storage space. A cupboard might be a great way to store your sex doll but it can also be susceptible to dusts. Another alternative is to find a place to install a hook, so that the doll can hang from it.

Not having a place to store your sex doll standing means you have to find a place you can keep it lying down. This could be a large box lined with some sheets that will serve as padding. You can then find a place large enough to keep it. Beneath your bed may be a great choice or over a cabinet, doesn’t matter, as long as it is large enough.

A last option is to take them apart to minimize the space they occupy when not in use. It is important to note that not all sex dolls can be taken apart. Also, taking apart your sex doll too often can cause damage to the joints. You may want to avoid folding up your sex doll like a contortionist because you want it to take up less space during storage. Most manufacturers warns against this as you are slowly causing damage to the sturdiness of the doll. It may not be a big deal but how you store your TPE or silicone sex doll matters, so you should consider this when looking to buy one or more.

Installing An Unreliable Storage For Sex Dolls And Its Disadvantages

Installing an unstable storage device for your sex doll comes with a number of drawbacks. These disadvantages are unique to each individual. Furthermore, the default storage method’s scope will have a significant impact. Some of these disadvantages may include the following:

  • Injury to the sex doll 

Improper storage is not ideal for your sex doll. What else can be expected from handling your love doll carelessly? Some people go as far as storing their sex doll under the bed without properly covering up the doll. Your storage choice should be that that keeps the sex doll safe and protected from damages.

It is a terrible idea to even keep your sex doll underneath the bed in the first place, you should understand that it is susceptible to pests such as mites feeding on it and molds growing on it due to dampness. Whatever storage option that will cause damages to your sex doll should be avoided at all cost. It shouldn’t be near chemicals, exposed to pests or even water.

  • The Room Becomes Disorganized

Consider a room with clothes strewn about, a sex doll on the bed, or any other inconvenient storage location. Isn’t that a shit show? Because of this, you’ll need to figure out a good way to store your doll that doesn’t detract from the aesthetics of your space.

Ascertain that the storage solution you select keeps the entire room tidy and in order. Whatever the case, you should inspect the sex doll’s size and shape before purchasing and installing it.

  • Health Complications

Imagine a sex doll overgrown with molds and feasted upon by pests, wouldn’t as much as excite you to even think of using it. Aside that, it can become what harms you instead of giving you pleasure. Using a doll that is infested with infection-causing micro particles can be injurious to your health. Our reproductive organs are highly prone to developing health complications and must be protected. This is why you should keep your sex doll(especially sex dolls for men) properly stored away when not in use.

  • Privacy Reasons

Of course, you don’t want to leave your sex doll lying around the house. People have different views on owning a doll and you sure wouldn’t want that your friend who constantly talks about his/her reservations on owning a sex doll to encounter yours. Even if you have a friend who has no issues with owning a sex doll, you’d still want to keep it away as it is not something you can share even with your closest friends. The storage option you choose should be that that keeps it in seclusion. It is after all private property.


Advantages Of Installing Proper Storage For Your Sex Doll

We are sure you now understand the risks associated with poor storage of your doll. We will now look at the numerous advantages that comes with proper storage. The following few points will be discussed:

  • Enhance Privacy 

It will be kept private and confidential with the help of a practical sex doll storage device. The ideal sex doll storage solutions have designs that don’t involve anything related to sex dolls or equipment. The design should obscure the entire concept while allowing owners to take the doll around with them. Overall, the measures you take should not only protect the sex doll, but also foster confidentiality and privacy.

  • Increases The Life Span of Your Sex Doll

A properly stored sex doll prolongs the life span of your doll. You won’t be able to keep an eye on your favorite sex toy all of the time. As a result, it is critical to establish a dependable storage system that will keep it secure and protected from harm. A good doll storage will keep it safe and in good working order so that you can use it for a long time.

  • Leaves Your Room In Good Organization

Like mentioned earlier, not all your friends will buy the idea of owning a sex doll. Leaving it lying around your room might attract unnecessary bothering. Installing a dependable storage ultimately leaves your space organize and your sex doll out of sight. Some storage options even adds to the aesthetic appearance of your room. It is important to get a storage that doesn’t occupy a large portion of space in your room or house.

  • No Danger To Your Health

Maintaining a safe and secure environment for your doll will prevent it from transmitting infection-causing materials. It will keep things like mold and other sorts of growth from growing on it. This approach will protect you from bacterial and fungal infections that could cause complications to your health. Sex dolls for men should particularly be maintained well, there are holes, you know.


All in all, it is important to take care of your love doll just as you would yourself. It is, after all, more than just a sex toy; it is your companion. Believe it or not. Good storage will certainly prolong the life of your sex doll and you will definitely enjoy all the goods that come with it.

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