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The New Tech for Sex Bringing All the Pleasures Now

The Sex Tech includes several areas, pornographic media, sex toys, webcam and everything that enters this scope. It is also, sexuality, love, sex and dredge using the digital tools that are available to satisfy our needs and desires. Sex Tech is a market of more than 22 billion dollars worldwide, including 200 million euros in France. Thus, 30% of the requests on the Internet are related to the porn and the consumption of contents X is very strong. It is also a market to be exponential: dominating over 60% of the VR uses, far ahead of the second list, the video games, sex tech seems to be preparing a bright future.

Porn and tech, a sensitive subject

However, were we able to go beyond the usual cultural or moral barriers of our societies by the only novelty of the technological tool? Obviously not and according to our stakeholders it is not necessarily desirable. The CameraBoys are the best options there.

Brakes to the system

The main obstacles to progress are investments and partnerships. We are not ready to see renowned co-branding related to pornography. It’s harder to work with the big players who have the most visibility. For example, Adwords does not take into account porn searches.

Different mentalities depending on the country

Pornography is a taboo subject in our society and big questions still weigh on the social consequences that a job can have in this environment. Our speakers insisted that contrary to popular belief, sex tech is a professional environment in the best sense of the word and that we should not rely on clichés that circulate easily: fine skills and rigorous professionalism are the prerogative of that sector.

Can I find a job after working in sex-tech?

The answer is positive, but it is difficult to fully assume his activity with his family. The solution to these problems is simple and yet complex to put in place: the debate to change mentalities. This fight is primarily in the education of adolescents on the subject. Adult sites are sites where money circulates and where data security is essential to protect against the theft of content and personal data of users. The new European regulations also intervene in this sector. Their application in the protection of personal data is one of the new levers for growth as well as experimentation for the Sex Tech sector.

What is innovating in the pornography sector?

Innovation is the introduction into the process of producing and / or selling a new product, equipment or process. To innovate in the world of sex-tech is to learn sex-tech, to appropriate it and find solutions that satisfy the desires of customers. It is therefore important to move towards an Open Innovation process in which the company is no longer “closed” on itself within its R & D department, but instead opens up on a diversity of other actors.

Design at the center of understanding behaviors

Sociology and the study of user behavior are two inseparable notions of design in the sex-tech world.  Adult sites like CameraBoys are similar, they are obsolete and the notion of user experience is abandoned in favor of the content deployed. It’s an experience the user expects to see, not just targeted content. Assimilating what the user wants answers to the same problems as other sectors of activity.

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