Arab dating: how to respect rules and traditions

Arab dating: rules and traditions

Arab dating can be quite a challenge because of all restrictions and traditions, but the prize is totally worth it. There are some rules and tips to make Arab dating easy and breathtaking, helping you to find your true love.

Arab countries beckon foreigners with their peculiar and specific beauty. Egypt, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Jordan — the names alone are breathtaking, and seascapes, blazing sun, and luxurious life immediately pop up in your head just hearing them. Eastern fairy tales are a dream, and a lot of people are tempted to try it even once.

A lot of women from any corner of the world considered the possibility of Arab dating at least once in their lives. Of course, it is almost impossible to meet and date an Arab sheikh or princess just like that, it is too much even for a brave dream. Nevertheless, standards of living in all Arab countries are very high, so magnificent, even luxury life and passionate, charming Arab nature make Arab dating extremely popular.

The best and most significant way in such dating is with the help of the Internet. Online dating is the best shot here, because there is a huge gap between Eastern and Western cultures, and online communication works as an excellent buffer, helping to avoid a lot of misunderstandings. English is very common in Arab countries, so there is no need to be afraid of a language barrier.

Arab men are always welcoming and attentive, they surround their date with caring and protective veil. Arab women are mysterious and cautious, extremely intelligent and gentle, kind, and supportive. Dating websites are a good start because they can help you to set a bunch of criteria to find an ideal match, a perfect partner. It is very important when we are talking about Arab dating because their character is not really flexible. So quite usually it is either a match-match or a fail-fail situation.

In dating both Arab men and women love and enjoy attention and compliments. A good balance between honesty and complements is your best friend. Be prepared for a lot of talking and a huge amount of personal questions. They are very interested in knowing a potential partner as well as possible.

There is no such thing as a common Arab mentality. Yes, Islamic culture makes a huge foundation of the way they see the world, but in the end, you are dating a unique persona with a specific character. And still, there are some common traits all Arabs share, which may help you to establish contact much easier and make dating more successful.

  • Strong character. Arabs have a bright temperament, they are very charismatic and cheerful in everyday life. Also, they are very talkative, a bit loud and reckless, but in a good way.
  • Hospitality. An Arab man is the master of his house, he will never allow any mess and disorder there. In their culture, it is customary to honor all guests, even uninvited ones. Arab women always care about keeping the house in the perfect way, always prepared to be seen in a perfect way.
  • Emotionality. Commonly men in the Arab world react very sharply to words and actions, often harsh and impulsive. Modesty and calmness are nurtured in girls, who are meant to be obedient to their husbands.
  • Hard work. The ability to do what they love for a long time and to do their job efficiently is probably inherent in the Arabs’ blood. They are often incredibly resourceful, take an incredible approach to any situation. Also, they are extremely successful in business, because they are brilliant in making plans and sticking to them no matter what,
  • A distinctive feature of the Arabs is superstition. They truly believe in prejudices, omens, and predictions. Arabs, for the most part, are quite conservative and follow old customs and traditions, dictated by Islamic culture.

Any coin has the other side, and conflicts of interest may arise in any family, regardless of the nationality of the husband and wife. If you are considering Arab dating with a future marriage, there are some things you should also take into consideration.

  • If the parents of your chosen one do not like you, most likely the chances of marriage are quite low. Arab culture treats the family as the biggest and most important value, so a child will rarely go against parents will — according to the Qur’an, disobedience to parents is a grave sin.
  • You will have to obey your mother-in-law in everything. And prepare yourself to the fact that your loved one will always be on the mother’s side in any conflict, and at the same time you will also remain guilty. So communication skills and flexibility will be a great help in resolving conflicts.
  • Arabs are very jealous. Even a glance towards the other person can provoke conflict. Men and women are not equal in this system, because a man has permission to have more that one wife, but a woman must belong only to one man.

As you can see, Arab dating is not that easy as it may seem from the first sight. But if you feel something deep in your heart, just follow it, and Arabic dating will surely become an amazing and romantic journey.

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