The ultimate send-off: 5 things every buck’s party needs

There is no need for that whole “my mate’s getting married and the fun is over” attitude – not at all! Especially when you consider the fact that you can throw them a ripper buck’s party as the ultimate pre-marriage send-off.

But every buck’s party needs a few things to ensure the night will be one to remember. From booze to the boys and visiting the best adult clubs Sydney has to offer, the buck’s party should be one the fellas can look back on and smile.

Here are five things to ensure that happens:

  1. The fellas


It all starts with your mates. After all, a buck’s party is about getting the whole crew together, living it up and ensuring your soon-to-be-wed mate knows who the blokes are that have and will continue to stick by him throughout the years.

So, every buck’s party needs the core group of fellas to ensure that it’s going to be a memorable occasion. You will already know that once you enter that marrying age it’s harder to get your mates together for a party – this is one of those events you know they can’t turn down…

  1. Bevvies


Your mate is getting married, and for better or worse (let’s face it, probably better), they aren’t going to be able to go out and get on the piss every other night like you lot he’s leaving behind.

Therefore, it’s a given that there should be a healthy amount of beverages at the ready in order to get the party started. The holy trinity never goes astray: beers, wine and spirits – perfect for both drinking games and making a few cocktails along the way.

  1. Drinking games


And because your mate is not going to be able to go out and get on the piss all the time it’s probably also likely that they won’t be able to play drinking games with you all that often.

Besides, drinking games are pretty fun anyway, and are a good way to get a big night with the boys going. You know the classics: beer pong, kings, flip cup – all the games that are great for getting the bevvies flowing and the excitement brewing.

  1. Adult entertainment


Because, come on, what on Earth is a buck’s party without a little adult entertainment? It doesn’t matter how it comes about: whether you book a stripper to come to the party or head out to one of Sydney’s best strip clubs, a little naughty entertainment has long been a big part of the ultimate buck’s night.

Just be sure to shout your mate a dance whatever you do – it’s a great goodbye pressie…

  1. Good food


Because who doesn’t get a little hungry when they’ve spent all afternoon and evening on the beers? What’s more, providing your buck and mates with a plethora of delicious food is good for them going the distance with a night on the booze, as it’s important to have something in your stomach when drinking.

Whether you go the classic barbie or get something a little more fancy, good food is important for every buck’s party.

That’s how it starts

There it is: the five imperative features of any buck’s party. Of course, you can branch out off these things and make it all a little fancier, quirkier, downright stranger – whatever – but the legendary buck’s party always begins with these five core elements!

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