Do chat-up lines still work?

Before the whole internet and social media exploded we used to go out to meet people. It’s not that we don’t do that any longer, but these days we don’t actually have to leave our house in order to socialise. Instead we chat to people with our computers and our mobile devices, and by doing so we lose the charms of talking face-to-face. No need for our brains to come up with cool chat-up lines on the moment now that we have Google to help us; so are chat-up lines a thing of the past?


Meeting new people was all about improvising to give a good impression. When you met a lovely lady in a club, you had to rely on the books you read and the movies you saw to come up with something original. The best part was that you could get away with quoting a movie or two, and as long as the person didn’t know that film then it sounded like you were coming up with your own materials. These days you can hardly get away with quoting something famous as people will probably have heard it somewhere before, and if not they can always double-check it online. So yes, the landscape has changed and you can’t quite get away with what you used to in the past.

Meeting people

The truth is that the circumstances under which we meet new people have changed. Whether we want to meet new partners for sex or we are looking to find the love of our lives; we mostly do that online by using dating sites. People looking for sex with no strings no longer have to go to clubs, they can simply find the right adult dating site for it. When using those sites, you don’t really need to be witty; instead you can just be direct and honest about why you are there for. Chat up lines aren’t necessary, even when you’re using adult chat rooms. However it doesn’t mean that you can get away with boring conversation, and as such you still need to keep things lively to make sure your potential partners stay interested in what you have to say.

All in good spirit

Being a good talker can still yield good results, but these days it seems you need to step up your game away from one-liners and instead focus on being more coherent throughout your whole chat. Basically people won’t fall for just the one sentence being well said, but if you stay consistent at it throughout all your other phrases then you will get good results when chatting up people. The key is to remain consistent when you are trying to entertain someone. So if you start the conversation in a lively way then you must follow through and stay lively throughout the whole time you are chatting them. If you want to be good at chatting people, then carry on reading books and watching movies for inspiration; but remember to add your own personality into it to make your chat different and unique to you. Chat-up lines aren’t quite dead yet, they’re just evolving along with everything else.

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