Five Ways to Bring Back the Spice into the Bedroom

Being with your partner for a long time can sometimes make you feel losing the spice and spark in your relationship. This is actually normal in relationships. Factors such as work, children, and school can affect your sex life. You may not have the energy to have an amazing sex after a stressful day at work. However, even if you feel the thrill is gone, it can still be regained. A bad sex can negatively affect your relationship so do something to spice things up. Here are some erotic ideas for couples to consider:

Make your Partner Feel Wanted

The key to bringing back the spice into the bedroom is to make your partner feel your desire to have sex. But, make sure you don’t do this just because you have to do it. To enhance your sex life and have more sex, it is important to have a genuine desire to have sex with your partner. Show to your partner that you want them.

Kiss your Partner Passionately

Quick pecks don’t work if you want to improve your sex life and spice up your relationship. Give your partner a passionate kiss just like your first few kisses when you started your relationship. Think of how you kiss during your first date. Get them worked up and excited to end their workday by whispering in their ear your desire to be with them soon. You do not need to passionately kiss them at all times, but it helps to sometimes give your partner a kiss they do not expect.

Be Open about Oral Sex

After being together for some time, you are likely to ease up on giving oral sex and receiving it. While this activity may wither away slowly, giving your partner occasional oral sex will knock their socks off and make them feel aroused.

Don’t Limit the Sex in the Bedroom

Sex can happen anywhere in your home when you are the only people living there. Consider rubbing your partner’s inner thigh while watching a movie on the couch. In fact, you can have an amazing sex in public places like a sauna, park or beach or inside the car. The choice is actually yours in terms of where to have sex.

Make Both of your Fantasies Come True

Ask your partner about their sexual fantasies and determine how you can integrate them into your sex life. But of course, your decision will still depend on what both of you feel comfortable doing.

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