So you know how some people find no reason to love a series, a game, a book or a band? And so they take the piss out of people who do fall in love with all of the above. Yeah, that’s stupid isn’t it? Thousands – millions – of people, find happiness in loving someone they will never meet, and there’s nothing wrong with that, there’s nothing wrong with finding love and peace in something that isn’t real.

So how is it fair, that someone is allowed to love an actor, but the minute they find someone who loves a video game character, they mock them for it? It’s the same at the of the end, isn’t it? People can get addicted to anything, even working as a Marbella escort. So it is odd to pass judgements on other people´s passions. And you can’t tell me that it’s not, because honestly, not even you believe that.

Game characters, or book characters are created for people to love, so that people have somewhere to look for some peace. Because these characters won’t look at them in disappointment at their failures, they won’t laugh at their stupidities or their insecurities, these characters will give them strength to keep going.

Whereas real people will let you down, they will abandon you and laugh at you, they’ll tell you you’re being stupid or unrealistic and that’s not fair, under any circumstances. It’s not fair that someone should do something and get nothing but pure shit for it.

So if you see someone that likes a character or a specific person, and you don’t agree with that love. Don’t say anything about it, let them have the happiness they honestly need.

And remember that yes, they’ll never meet this person, but maybe just maybe they give this person, strength? Or help them with the sadness that is slowly overcoming them because their life is shit and the one person they called a friend just blatantly accused them of something and then just abandoned them in the wild that is the internet to fend for themselves.

So you don’t know what’s going on in someone’s life and maybe by mocking them for something they love, you’re making them feel worse, so please, don’t mock someone for something they find to be an escape. Because let’s face it, if someone did that to you, you would feel like someone had grabbed your tiny heart and slowly ripped it to shreds wouldn’t you? So don’t do it.

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