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COLT by CalExotics Power Stroker Futurotic Male Masturbator, 4.5″, Black

Do not hurt your penis pressing it between your thighs wondering how to get a release. Equip yourself with a real Colt sex toy  by calexotics power strokerfuturotic male masturbator, 4.5”, black to kill pressure and enjoy the pleasure it gives you from the start to the end.

Colt is for the real men who are not afraid to express their feeling devoid of cutting short their pleasure to enjoy life. Give your hand a break, and go for Colt designed to take masturbation to another level letting your penis rub inside-out till you reach that ejaculation degree.

Every time you use the Colt, you feel refreshed and satisfied fully allowing you to grab it time and again when you need that short quickie.

Why It is Best For You

For easy and smooth suction, this device provides you with quality time especially that moment your blood is sprinting all over your body looking for an exit to release some heat. Colt is creatively organized to suit your penis size and accommodate any movement while squeezing to get every bit of pleasure around it.

Colt is flexible such that you can have your moment while positioning it at an angle which your penis can reach. It is affordable, beautifully designed, and flexible to fit all types of penises you know in the world.

Product Description

  • The colt is tight to allow the penis get enough pleasure and for long
  • It is very comfortable while handling it on the outside, even when assisting the penis to penetrate with ease, which is increases the pleasure when used with a liquid lubricant
  • It helps you reach orgasm when you have really enjoyed the pumping and the feeling dares you not to get your penis out.
  • The striking softness of the material that weaved Colt by calexotics power strokerfuturotic male masturbator, 4.5”, black excites your penis accelerating it to full power speed until that sigh of relief and satisfaction sets in.
  • It is rigid and smooth on the inside which gives you peaceful slithering waiting to fly in the sky with excitement
  • It measures almost 5 inches long with a circumference of 7.5


  • It is branded by Colt
  • It is made of futurotic and cyberskin material
  • Colt has a realistic shape
  • It is a product used by men only
  • It belongs to the category of male masturbators
  • Black in color
  • Colt is designed as a real anus for men to get release


  • The material used to make Colt favors men due to its high concentration to hold the penis tight comfortably
  • The size and design of the Colt makes it no different with anus therefore, making the whole masturbation process so real
  • It also contains a small hole on the other side for a really tight pumping


When you use Colt by calexotics power strokerfuturotic male masturbator, 4.5”, black the moment you come out all characteristics of a satisfied masculinity display very clearly. So, if you need a product to never fail your masturbation journey, this is it.

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