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There are some old sayings that, while cliches, are also true. For example, “no good deed goes unpunished”. I have found that to be absolutely true, without any exception in my own experience. So is “the road to Hell is paved with good intentions”. Which is a fair description of many peoples lives and fates. But that is too serious for this article. So, instead, let us stick with the old expression “sex always sells” and the one which goes with it as a twin “you can always sell sex”. People assume that both of those are true. And when they find out that they are not, it can be too late for them and they find themselves in some situations that they would do anything to avoid and where they are totally out of control.

So, you want make it as an escort? Forget the idea that all you have to do is make yourself available for your sexual allure available for money and you will then straight away make money. Not true. At all. Yes, if you are beautiful, have a great figure, look terrific in photos and are good in bed, then all of that will help. But if you want to earn the big money and be the one of the most successful escorts Tenerife can provide, you have to also become a professional sex worker. And the operative word in that last phrase in professional. If you want to make a professional living, then you have to act like a professional.

Working as a freelance independent escort is itself hard work. You have to advertise and promote yourself online – though that is becoming harder and harder now – and/or work the hotel lobbies and bars as a slightly more refined street walker. A lobby walker, if you like. Or you can work with a great escort agency, which will save you a hell of a lot of work. But good, reputable and professional agencies are only going to work with escorts who are in turn good, reputable and professional. The most important thing is not to be cute and look good. Give escort agencies the information and tools to market your services properly. Answer your phone. Turn up on time. Take care of your clients and make them feel special. Pay your bills. It is not difficult to understand in theory, but it seems to be rare in practise.

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